Thursday, 26 July 2012

Voice Talk - Network Error

The Voice talk application requires access to the Internet so if you get an error "Please check your network and try again" you will need to enable and connect via WiFi or 3G.

If you get the message "Network error. Please try again" you are connected to a network that does not have access to the Internet  You can tell your phone to forget this connection under 'Wireless an Network' > WiFi Settings or you could disable WiFi to connect with 3G.

Discovering the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

What is inside the box?

The Galaxy Ace 2 comes with a USB cable, mains charger, headphones with microphone. No I did not forget the instructions because it did not come with instructions. I like to play first, to see if I can figure it out for myself but I also like to flick through the instructions because you always miss a feature. I am very disappointed that it does not have instructions.

The Phone

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 -GT-i8160
  • 3.8 inch screen at 400x800 TFT 
  • 4GB storage space
  • 1.1GB user storage space
  • Micro SD card slot (up-to 32GB)
  • 800MHz Dual core processor
  • 768MB Ram
  • 5MP Camera - auto focus with LED Flash
  • 3MP front facing camera
  • GPS built-in receiver
  • WIFI / Bluetooth 3.0 / 3G
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system
  • Touchwiz 4 Interface
  • Motion UX
See the full spec at the Samsung website

USB cable

For connection to your laptop or PC. You can synchronise it to you computer using Kies I am told but I will try this out later. I have only used it to charge my phone so far.

Main Charger

Umm... this plugs into the mains power and charges the phone.

Headphones with microphone

These are in-ear bud earphones with a small microphone on the cable. They work well but are white in colour even though my phone is black.


None provided. Some tutorials built into the phone (like for swype) but not for all of the functions.

Buying a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Being new to smart phones, I upgraded from a O2 pay and go account to O2 contract by going into the store. The staff were helpful and they copied my contacts from my old Nokia6210 to the Galaxy Ace using a little simcard copy device. He continued to "setup" the phone, not sure what this was but it took him about 2mins, which was followed by a demonstration of how to use the basic functions like calling, messaging, email and personalisation.

I opted for the minimum package of 200 mins + 250 O2 mins + Unlimited texts + 100MB data. I was sure the 550 mins call time would be plenty, Unlimited texts, awsome. But the data of 100MB sounded very tiny to me but I don't know how much data a smart phone needs. I will have to see.