Thursday, 21 November 2013

Top games to play on the galaxy ace 2

I play the odd game on my phone, usually while waiting in a queue or with a cup of coffee at break times.

My top picks for Nov 2013 are -

  1. Formula Legends - 
    • A simple Formula 1 management game. 
  2. Castle TD
    • A tower defense style strategy game
  3. Archipelago
    • A very simple attack vs defense strategy arcade battle
  4. Hill Climb Racing
    • Side view scrolling race against the clock with great physics.
  5. Chain Reaction
    • A tap and pop the bubble game
  6. Air Control
    • An arcade-ish land lots of airplanes without crashing style game

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Shortcuts on the Galaxy Ace 2

I am sure there are many short cuts and quick ways to do thing, here are a couple I discovered by mistake only Today. I am sure some people will say "I already knew that" but some of you might find it useful.

On the message menu you can slide the contact off the screen to the left to send a message or you can slide the contact off the screen to the right to instantly call them. This can also be achieved from within the contacts menu.

Please post any shortcuts you have discovered.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Plex app on the galaxy

I run Plex on my home pc so I can watch a movies on my smart TV. I decided to try the Plex App on my phone and am please to say that so far it works perfectly. Although I find the screen is too small to sit and watch a film (although I could if I wanted), I can share photos and home videos around the dinner table when I have friends and family over, without any technical set-up or configuration.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Photography problems and corrupt images

I am not sure if anyone else is having an issue when taking photo's on the Ace 2 but sometimes my pictures are not completely saved when I go back into the gallery. It looks like someone has torn the edge off my shots. It could be that I am turning the phone off before it has a chance to save the image fully. Has anyone else had this or is my phone faulty?

Friday, 17 August 2012

My Top Free Live wallpapers

Live wallpapers are interactive or animated wallpapers. Here is a list of my favourites.

1. Galactic Core Free
2. Inferno Galaxy
3. Koi Free
4. Fluidsim
5. Galaxy S3 Dandelion
6. Particle Storm
7. Waterize lite live
8. Nexus
9. Grass
10. Galaxy

All these are found at Play Store.

Monday, 13 August 2012

App Review - Air Control Lite

This game is an overhead management game where the aim is land aircraft safely on the ground. Each air enters the play area from any screen edge where you must draw a safe landing path for the aircraft to follow. Air Control Lite is an addictive simple to play but difficult to master game that can be played on faster speed for a quick bash or on standard speed for a longer endurance game. I found it best to start on the fast speed and then slow it down when it starts to get busy. There are a few ads on the screen both in the menus and the game but do not stop you from trying out the game before purchasing the full version.

I have recently purchased this app to support the creator and remove the ads. I am still playing it several months later and my wife enjoys it aswell because she cannot get this on her iphone.
still 10/10

Thursday, 2 August 2012

BBC Olympics App - No Video

Does anyone else have issues with the video on this app? the rest of the app works fine. I have installed iPlayer, Flash Player and Mobo player but it still does not let me play videos on the BBC Olympics App.